Oh the places you went



In a year where Dr Seuss has been our theme, it is somewhat appropriate to finish with his famous “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!”

This week in particular has seen many special and significant events.

Monday night saw our Year 3-6 Speech Night, during which our boys presented with a sense of occasion, and ensured that our Year 6 boys were thanked and recognised for their significant contributions to our Junior School.

Tuesday our Prep-Year 2 boys spent a lovely day with a number of parents at our annual Beach Day, while Wednesday morning, thanks to Haidee and our Tintern Parents Group, all of our boys enjoyed decorating gingerbread.

Last night at our annual Year 6 Parent-Son dinner, our Year 6 boys presented individually about their Junior School journey….their confidence and thoughtfulness was a credit to them and their parents

Today, our Prep-Year 2 family Christmas morning was another warm, engaging, spirited and at times, very funny morning. Please click on the link provided to see our boys’ lovely responses to a number of questions regarding Christmas.

Our Year 6 boys provided an appropriate level of spiritualty and a reflective reminder about why Christmas is important to us all, through their presentation of the Christmas Nativity.

As I write, we are preparing for our Prep-Year 9 Boys assembly, when we will have the opportunity to acknowledge all boys, present pennants, provided by our Tintern Parents Group, to our Year 6 boys, and thank staff who are leaving.

Our end of year Dr Seuss book, “Oh The Places You Went” provides a summary of our year.

I thank our boys for their spirit, energy, resilience, confidence, enthusiasm and care of one another and us as staff…it is a privilege to be in a position to be able to share every day with such lovely boys and families.

Thank you to all members of our Community for being a part of 2016…a memorable and special year for us.

I wish you a safe, reflective and Merry Christmas and holiday, and look forward to the excitement of 2017.





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