NGV Prep-Year 2 visit

Prep, Year 1 and Year 2, together with their teachers and parent helpers had a brilliant day at the National Gallery Victoria. Preps were most capably led by Kate Shearer through a number of exhibits. Kate’s knowledge and passion for all things Arty is such a joy for us. Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a vibrant and engaging guide and were fortunate enough to spend some time viewing ‘Whistler’s Mother’, currently on loan to the NGV.

The weather was breathtaking for this time of year, so we took full advantage of this and lunched in the Botanic Gardens, where there was time for not only lunch but free play, a few games and some trip trapping across bridges on a delightful walk. The girls were without fault, marvellous role models and did Tintern proud! A wonderful day was had by all! Please enjoy reading the Year 1 reflections below.

Christine Campbell, Mary Whitcher, Colleen Yardley, Kate Shearer

The colourful stained glass ceiling has different shapes and sizes, triangles, squares rectangles, and … rhombuses. It had colours like … red, green, aqua and yellow. There was also big thick black lines. We lay on our backs on the ground to see it. It was beautiful! We were told there were hidden symbols. We thought we could see a koala. We got to draw our own stained glass drawing using big thick lines on our iPad. We loved our wonderful day. Charlotte and Ruby

Daniel took us to a SCULPTURE that had been a real deer. The artist had covered it in clear glass bubbles which were lots of different sizes. The bubbles were made of shiny and sparkly. It was beautiful! Then we had to draw our favourite animal on our iPad but somehow make it different like the deer was different. We chose a reindeer and a chick. We used squares and circles to make it different. It was fun! Jasmine and Annalisa

Daniel, our guide took us to an “emotion” painting. It was amazing because there were feelings in it. There were lots of shades of pink in the painting we saw. Daniel told us a secret about the painting. The gallery had accidently hung it upside down. It is the right way now. The artist used lots of crisp strokes. We had to do our own emotion drawing on the iPad using lots of strokes. We had to think of a time we felt happy, sad or angry and draw the colours to match our mood. We loved the Art Gallery! Maddison and Taylor

We saw Weeping Woman. Picasso painted it. He was born in Spain and there was a war there. He was feeling sad and angry. The Weeping Woman was green, purple and black. Daniel asked us if we liked the painting. Lots of us didn’t really like it at all. Maybe because of the colours. Mayah and Aisha

Whistler’s Mother was sitting in her chair in her black and grey room. She looked very bored. She had her night cap on. She was on a brown chair and looking at the wall. There was lots of black and grey in his painting. We had to draw our own mother in her favourite place. We did our mothers’ in the garden and the lounge room. We had so much fun! Evie and Eylul

We went to the Botanic Gardens for lunch. It was beautiful! It was fun to give out my cakes to the girls and the teachers. It was even more fun to play tag on the green grass on a lovely sunny day. It was amazing decorating a tree with the camellia flowers that had dropped on the ground. The tree looked beautiful! Sanaya

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