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Our Celebration Evening on Monday 10 October was a wonderful night and one that I know all Year 12 students will remember for many years to come. For many students the idea that in a few short weeks coming to school every day would be a thing of the past, really hit home. There was a mixture of emotions with everything from joy, excitement and pride to sadness and some anxiety. It was great to hear both of our inspirational school captains, Genevieve Barclay and Michael D’Addazio, speak about their time at Tintern Grammar and how important the school has been in their lives. It was also very pleasing to see the whole year level come together for a great performance of the Year 12 Leaving song, led by Annie Chou and Genevieve Barclay.

Over the last few days the Year 12s have been busy with final classroom revision lessons, assemblies, uniform signing, their final breakfast and finally the Valedictory Service. I hope during this time they take a moment to stop, reflect and enjoy their final few days as a Tintern Grammar student. Personally, I would like to congratulate the students for getting to where they are today, despite the fact that for many of them, the journey has been a difficult one. I would also like to thank all Year 12 students for embracing the changes that occurred this year and for the most part maintaining a positive attitude throughout and supporting me through my first year as Year 12 co-ordinator. I have been so impressed by the work ethic, enthusiasm and good nature that so many students have consistently demonstrated.

On Tuesday 22 November, the Year 12 students will be farewelled for the last time at the Valedictory dinner. It is an occasion when students, families, guests and staff gather together to celebrate the achievements of the students and the completion of their secondary education. Students and families will sit together with other families and by now students should have signed their guests up for a table. If they have not done so already can I ask that they do this in the coming days?

Finally I would like to wish all students good luck for the examination period and the other exciting endeavours that lie ahead. I look forward to hearing updates on your journey in the years ahead.

by Jennifer Tsai Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator



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