News from Year 12

Our Year 12 students are busily practising their Leaving Song which is coming together beautifully and will be performed to the Community and the whole secondary school as one of the highlights of Celebration Evening on Monday 10 October.

Over the last few weeks of Term 3 our Principal, Mr Brad Fry, has been hosting lunches for each Year 12 Pastoral Mentor group to enable Year 12 students the opportunity to reminisce over highlights not only of Year 12, their final year at Tintern Grammar, but also of their entire journey over previous years at our wonderful school.

All Year 12 families should recently have received information about the Yaer12 Valedictory Dinner which is scheduled for Tuesday 22 November at Leonda by the Yarra. Please assist the School by returning the forms as quickly as possible.

In the last two weeks of Term 4 there are a number of final SACs due for VCE students and similarly a number of Internal Assessments are due for our final year IB students. Across this time, and from now until the end of the final examinations it is crucial for our Year 12 students to focus on getting a good mixture of: recommended hours of sleep, enjoying a regular and healthy diet and lifestyle, and ensuring that all subject work is completed and thoroughly revised.

by Mrs Jen Tsai-Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator



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