News from Year 12

Year 12 students have been very busy in the last two weeks of Semester 1 with a significant number of SACs, the GAT and other assessment being having been completed during this time. To help with this assessment revision and examination preparation that should be taking place on the holidays, students took part in the Elevate Education ‘Finishing Line’ study skills seminar. This session gave students practical advice and specific study skills that they can employ such as ‘The rule of 5’, ‘Bulletproof Booklets’ and Mindfulness stress relief techniques.

Many students have also been busy with last minute Formal preparations. The Formal will take place this Friday 17 June and is a great way for the students to end a very busy and intense Term 2. After the Formal is over students should take at the very least a few days to focus on rest, relaxation and stress relief before getting into a regular holiday study routine.

Throughout the holidays students are encouraged to prioritise sleep, exercise and good nutrition so that they can return to school fit, healthy and ready to face their last full term of classes.  

by Jen Tsai-Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator



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