News from Year 12

Today marks the end of formal education for our IB students and they celebrated with the annual IB lunch. On October 22 the VCE Year 12 students will also be able to celebrate their completion classes. On October 23 all Year 12 students will come together for a festive and delicious breakfast followed by the Valedictory Service. These occasions are very significant in the lives of our final year students. The Valedictory Service will be our final opportunity as a whole school community, including Prep to Year 11 students as well as staff members and parents of Year 12 students, to celebrate their journeys at Tintern Grammar. It will be a time to reflect on what has been and a time to embrace moving forward.

After the celebrations, students will quickly move into ‘study mode’. It has been most pleasing to see the dedication that students and staff have applied to examination revision and preparation so far. We expect to see this continue throughout the ‘SWOT VAC’ period. 

IB students are due to commence their exams on Monday 29 October. The examination period for Year 12 VCE students will officially begin on Wednesday 31 October. Students are encouraged to carefully read the timetables and ensure they give themselves plenty of time to get to their exams.  All VCE and IB examinations will have concluded on November 21. This is also the date for our final event for Year 12 Class of 2018, the Valedictory dinner.



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