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We are now at the halfway mark for Term 3. This means that Year 12 final examinations are not far away! In preparation for their final examinations, all Year 12 students that are taking exams will be required to sit mock exams. These will take place in last week of the Term 3 holidays (1 -5 October). Students are reminded to keep this week free of commitments. In the next few weeks, students will be given a timetable for these exams. A copy of the timetable will also be placed on the Year 12 portal page.

The mock examinations will aim to replicate, as much as possible, the real exams. This means that students are required to sit the exams according to the timetable and only to bring the materials specified by VCAA or the IB. This opportunity can benefit the students immensely and make the ‘real thing’ a whole lot less daunting. Students are encouraged to take this opportunity seriously and to practise subject-specific exam techniques as well as time management and keeping any anxieties under control. 



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