News from Year 12

The Year 12 students have made a very positive start to their final full term of formal schooling. Last week, the students were busy catching up on holiday adventures and events before settling back into their classes and the school routine. This week I have been most pleased that the majority of students are using their study periods effectively and are supporting each other well.

This term we expect Year 12 students to be focused on their studies and, moving forward, we would anticipate students being proactive in starting examination revision and initiating meetings with subject teachers if required. They will also be busy preparing for many important and significant events, such as Celebration Evening (Monday 10 October) and the Year 12 Breakfast.

Finally, formal photos have arrived! If photographs were ordered prior to Thursday 14 July, these have been delivered to school and should now be at home. If you have not ordered photographs and still wish to do so, Kathy Watson is still taking orders. Please see the e-mail I sent out in the final week of the holidays for login details.

by Jen Tsai-Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator



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