News from Year 12

This week marks the halfway point of the year; a significant milestone for our Year 12 students. They celebrated this ‘hump day’ in a number of ways and took the opportunity to eat, connect and relax with their peers. Students started the day off with a delicious breakfast and some music before heading to their normal classes. They then enjoyed a pizza lunch and made the most of the photo booth. Utility provided an opportunity to take a special look back at their past selves during a Leaders’ run assembly. All of this was done in good spirits and in the comfort of pyjamas!

We are also looking forward to hanging the traditional but revamped version of the Year 12 banner this week. The banner will be signed by all the Year 12 students and serves as a reminder that we are all one in the Tintern Grammar Community and thus should continue to encourage and support each other as much as possible throughout the remainder of the year.

Now that ‘hump day’ has passed we look forward to a very busy, challenging, yet enjoyable journey towards the end of year examinations and finally, the Valedictory Dinner. In these last few weeks of Term 2 maintaining motivation and enthusiasm for study can be difficult for Year 12 students. However, now that the ‘end is in sight’ all students are encouraged to do the best they can do to maintain a positive and proactive approach to their studies.

by Jen Tsai Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator



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