News from Year 12

Year 12 students are settling back into the routine of classes and study after a well-earned rest over the holidays. No doubt, many Year 12 students were still working hard during this time, but also got to spend some downtime with family and friends and importantly managed to catch up on some sleep.

Last week was a busy one for House Captains! On Tuesday, they lead their respective Houses with confidence and enthusiasm as they participated in their final House Athletics carnival. It was great to see all the students who participated did so with great spirit and an excellent attitude. This week also marked the commencement of the House Music rehearsals. Leading and engaging the younger students can be a difficult task at times but, as a group, the Year 12 students showed great maturity and patience and we even witnessed some great singing from the very first rehearsal. We wish them luck as they continue their rehearsals and encourage them all to make the most of their final House Music experience.

Next week we are looking forward to working on the traditional Year 12 banner which is designed and signed by all the Year 12 students and then hung in the Year 12 social space. The banner is often a ‘work of art’ in itself but the banner also serves as a reminder that we are all one in the Tintern Community and that students should continue to encourage and support each other as much as possible throughout this challenging yet rewarding year.

by Jen Tsai Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator



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