News From Year 12

This week marked the half way point of the academic year; a significant milestone for our Year 12 students. They celebrated on ‘Hump Day’ in a number of ways and took the opportunity to eat, connect and relax with their peers. Students started the day started off with a delicious BBQ breakfast and some music before heading to their normal classes. They then enjoyed a pizza lunch and some slushies before an energetic game of skittle ball. Finally, the day concluded with a trivia competition and various other forms of relaxation. Two of our very capable School Leaders, Anjali Lobo and Ryan Tierney, were an integral part of this event and I know that the year level is most grateful for all the hard work they put into making this day an enjoyable one.

Now that ‘Hump Day’ has passed we look forward to a very busy, challenging, yet enjoyable journey towards the end of year examinations and finally, the Valedictory Dinner.

In these last few weeks of Term 2 maintaining motivation and enthusiasm for study can be difficult for Year 12 students. However, now that the ‘end is in sight’ all students are encouraged to do the best they can do to maintain a positive a proactive approach to their studies.

by Jen Tsai-Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator

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