News from Year 12

On the Monday 20 – Wednesday 22 February the Year 12 students took part in their annual Conference designed to help them navigate their way through their final year of formal schooling and to help prepare them for future employment and study. The Conference commenced on the Monday at Tintern with students taking part in ‘the bike factory’ which had them working on developing team work and communication skills by racing to build bikes that would later be donated to the ‘Pyjama Foundation’. The highlight of the day for most students, and for the many parents who attended, was the session run by the highly regarded Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. His engaging session aimed to give both students and their parents useful and practical tips for ‘surviving Year 12’.

On Tuesday morning, students made their own way into Victoria University, Flinders Street, where they were entertained and enlightened with Jason Clarke’s take on what happens in “Year 13”. Jason has successfully developed a business that aims to promote and develop innovation, creativity and problem solving skills. In the afternoon, all students got an opportunity to experience first-hand some successful social enterprises ‘Thank-you’ and ‘The Big Issue’.

Wednesday morning, once again at Victoria University, saw students take part in a very important session with James Lynch who is a well-known and respected recruitment expert. He gave the students some very practical tips on how to approach University and employment applications and interviews. Three brave students also volunteered to undertake a “mock” interview with James in front of their peers, which was most helpful to all Year 12 students.

The final speaker for the conference was Sonya Karras who spent 10 years working in the Hospitality Industry. She discussed drugs, alcohol, keeping safe and celebrating of every kind! Sonya shared her strategies to celebrate safely in a unique, no nonsense and humorous way, which left the Year 12 students informed, entertained and with memories that will stay with them for years to come.

by Mrs Jen Tsai Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator



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