News from Year 12

On the evening of Tuesday 22 November the annual Valedictory Dinner marked the official conclusion of the Year 12 year. The final formal examinations had taken place earlier in the day, so by the evening all students were ready to “let their hair down” and celebrate. The evening took place at the beautiful Leonda by the Yarra and students, parents, families and staff members immensely enjoyed the delicious food, great company and, of course, some dancing. As their time as Tintern Grammar students has now come to an end the students were acknowledged and received gifts form Tintern Old Girls Association (TOGA), Southwood Boys Association (SOBA) and the new Tintern Grammar Alumni Association. We sincerely hope the students make the most of these important links to their School so that they can stay connected to the school and community they have been an integral part of over the years. They can also reap the benefits of being connected to other Tintern Alumni when it comes to personal and career development. So, for the final time, we wish the 2016 Valedictorians the very best of luck and look forward to some updates in the not too distant future.

by Jennifer Tsai Bove (Year 12 Co-ordinator)



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