News from Year 12

On Tuesday 18 October the Year 12 students were finally able to celebrate the completion of formal classes with a festive and delicious breakfast followed by a very moving Valedictory Service which will be remembered by the students for many years to come. The Valedictory Service was our final opportunity as a whole school community, including Prep to Year 11 students, as well as staff members and parents of Year 12 students, to celebrate the journey of our Year 12 class of 2016 at Tintern Grammar. It was a time to reflect on what has been and a time to embrace moving forward.

After the celebrations, students quickly moved into ‘study mode’. It has been most pleasing to see the immense dedication that the students and the staff have applied to examination revision and preparation.

The Examination period for VCE Year 12 students began on Wednesday 26 October. Several of the larger examinations (English, Psychology, Biology and Further Mathematics) have taken place over the last few days, which means some VCE students will have finished their examinations before the IB students have even started! The IB students are due to commence their final examinations on Wednesday 2 November. All VCE and IB examinations will have concluded by Tuesday 22 November. This is also the date for our final event for the Year 12 Class of 2016, the Valedictory Dinner.

Mrs Jennifer Tsai Bove
Year 12 Co-ordinator



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