News from Year 11

In our Utility time on Monday 15 August, the Year 11 students discussed the concept of mindfulness and meditation, and were introduced to some simple techniques to help them learn how to incorporate it into their lives for even just a few minutes each day.  Quiet time, without distractions, is a challenge to most people today. To find some techniques on how to create time for themselves, we watched a video from Andy Puddicombe, who has taken his experiences living as a monk in Tibet and used them to create a website, Headspace, which helps people incorporate mindfulness in their everyday lives. The students were also introduced to the different apps available to help to practise this themselves.

On Tuesday 16 August, we used our Utility time to allow students to experience using the apps and actually take 25 minutes to explore a meditation of their choosing thus putting into practice the mindfulness techniques discussed in Monday’s Pastoral session.

On the Year 11 Level Portal page, there are several links for the students to explore, which provide the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of mindfulness, and of having quiet time in their daily lives.

by Nick Stefanac, Year 11 Co-ordinator



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