News from Year 11

This has been a truly enjoyable year for me as Year 11 Coordinator. This group of young adults has proven themselves to be a decent, considerate, intelligent, and fun group. As we all know, the student makeup of a given year level is a random and diverse collection of personalities, and your sons and daughters have all been fortunate to have such a supportive group of people to call their peers. It is because each student in Year 11 has played an important part in shaping the dynamic this year that this was possible.

It is with this perspective that I leave Tintern Grammar at the end of the year, fortunate to have spent my final year as Year 11 Coordinator working with such an enjoyable group of young people. I am proud of them and I know that this school is going to be in exceptionally good hands next year with them as the leaders.

I want to thank the students for their efforts this year in being supportive of one another, the school, and the staff. I also want to thank the parents for their continued trust in, and support, of the staff in the Senior College.

ICAS English Awards 

On Saturday 24 November, Christine Millgate-Smith represented the school at the ICAS Awards ceremony at the Convention Centre, Docklands. Oscar de Jong was the recipient of the medal for Year 11 English, as the highest scorer in Victoria. His mother and Maureen McCrane, his Literature teacher, attended as well. Congratulations Oscar!


All the best for an enjoyable holiday and year ahead.




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