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As we close in on the long weekend, it is a good time for the Year 11s to take stock of what they need to do to prepare for their exams. With only two weeks to go until the end of classes, it is important that any questions for their teachers be communicated, and advice is followed up. The staff are always willing to help out and provide any guidance with preparing for their exams. For those taking a 3/4 exam, practicing with previous years’ exams (which can be downloaded from the course pages from the VCAA website) are an invaluable resource. The more familiar a student is with the types of questions asked, and the content in general, the better the chances of doing well.

Course pages can be found at this link:

Very soon the students will be getting their Year 11 exam timetables, and as a large number of students are taking 3/4 exams, they may need to speak to me to reschedule any conflicts.

Enjoy the long weekend!




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