News from Year 11

The Year 11 students have returned from their holiday break and have “hit the ground running” for Semester 2. Last Tuesday they all received a self-reflection sheet to fill out, requiring them to respond to their reports from Semester 1. This was given as a means of helping them to reflect on their level of engagement, what academic areas they had success with in Semester 1 and where there is room for improvement. They were asked to take these home and have them signed by their parents and then return them to their Pastoral Mentors. Hopefully the document has led to some valuable discussions both at School and at home.

In other news, Celebration Evening singing practices have commenced and the students have already impressed the staff with their willingness to channel Jersey Boys and make Frankie Valli proud. By the night of Monday 10 October, they will undoubtedly impress the entire school community.

by Nick Stefanac, Year 11 Co-ordinator



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