News from Year 11

Welcome back and I hope the holiday provided a welcome break and recharge for a busy Term 2. Throughout this term we will be preparing VCE students for the GAT, which will be happening for those students taking a VCE Unit 3/4 subject on Wednesday 13 June. VCE students currently taking a Unit 1/2 subject will be able to practise as well, giving them an introduction as to the structure and scope of the GAT. Students in the IB will be working on their class assignments during this time.  

Year 11 examinations for all VCE and IB students will commence on Monday 4 June and finish on Friday 8 June. Friday 1 June is a study day and students are not required to be in school and are encouraged to work independently at home or in the school library. 

We will begin the planning and preparations for the Year 11 Formal this term as well, with the permission notifications to be distributed electronically later this term. The date for the formal is Friday 20 July. 

Finally, the Year 11 students will be running their initiative activities with students in the Junior School and will undoubtedly provide some memorable experiences for the young and old alike. 

All these dates are in the “2018 Information and Dates” pdf file on the Year 11 Level Portal page for your reference as well.



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