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We have gotten to that point in the year when students are receiving their first set of marks. Whether it be the VCE or the IB, the initial round of assessments will be forthcoming, and inevitably, some students will be disappointed with these. While it is understandable to approach lower than expected marks with negativity, it is also an opportunity to assess where there needs to be further effort made in specific areas. We all fail to live up to expectations at times, yet it always offers the opportunity for improvement and learning.

We have just touched upon the idea of resiliency in Year 11, and I encourage the students to think about what it means to face a setback, learn from it, and then grow and improve. After earning a disappointing mark, the immediate reaction may be that it is someone else’s fault, or the class is too hard and needs to be dropped, or any of the myriad other reasons we implement to divert responsibility.

Ultimately, each student is encouraged to use this first semester of Year 11 to persevere and challenge themselves to do their best and overcome any initial setbacks. Learn from any disappointing marks and seek assistance from the teacher. Study smarter, or double-down on what needs to be done.

After all, isn’t the ability to practise these skills part of their education as well?



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