News from Year 11

The Year 11s have completed their examinations and GAT and are winding down what has been a successful Semester 1. This Friday the Year 11 Formal is taking place at Linley Estate in Kilsyth and will provide the perfect entrée to a well-deserved holiday.

It has been a busy semester, with ample opportunities for the students to engage themselves within the school community, from the Year 11 Conference at Phillip Island to House Singing, Cross Country, the Athletics Carnival, the School Musical and several mentoring opportunities.

After three weeks of rest, and some holiday homework, it would be a great benefit to those who perhaps haven’t yet participated in the extensive co-curricular program at Tintern Grammar, to consider involving themselves in a new activity, getting to know their peers better, and perhaps find out they may have an undiscovered hidden talent!

On behalf of the Year 11 Mentor team, I wish all Year 11 students a happy and relaxing break, and we look forward to seeing you at the start of Semester 2.

by Nick Stefanac, Year 11 Co-ordinator



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