News from Year 11

It was a fantastic turnout for the Tintern Fair, with plenty of rides and activities on a day of perfect weather.  Many of the students stayed long enough to see the impressive fireworks display that capped the events.  It was also great to see many past students who came to enjoy themselves and say “Hi” to those staff who may have taught them in previous years. The sense of community was apparent and the Years 7-11 Art Show also drew large crowds of parents and current, as well as past students.

On another note, Year 11 student Jack Oberstar spent the weekend competing in the Victorian On-Road Large Scale State Championships racing his 1/5 scale petrol Mini RC car. He won 3 out of his 5 qualifying races and then went on to win the final. He did exceptionally well as this was the first time he has competed with this petrol car and won the state title in his first competition.  Congratulations to Jack on his championship victory!

by Nick Stefanac, Year 11 Co-ordinator



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