News from Year 11

The Year 11 Conference has come and gone, and the entire pastoral staff who attended could not have been more impressed with the behaviour, attitude and maturity of the entire Year 11 cohort. It was a truly enjoyable three days with students partaking in a wide range of activities including guest speakers, a visit to the Penguin Parade, laser strike, a disco, surfing and an astronomy lecture. Unfortunately, the weather on Monday wasn’t ideal, but it improved throughout the Conference with Wednesday proving to be a beautiful day on the beach to take surfing lessons.

The students gave everything a go, and I was personally most impressed with the level of camaraderie and friendliness that all the students, with their varied backgrounds and interests, showed each other. It is indicative of this group of young people that they would compose themselves in such a manner, and “they did Tintern Grammar proud”.

by Nick Stefanac, Year 11 Co-ordinator



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