News from Year 10

Year 10 examination return of papers has been completed and staff have instructed the students about holiday homework so that they are ready to commence Term 3. Students undertaking a VCE subject have commenced Unit 2 and formal lessons concluded for Year 10 students on Friday 10 June with the Work Experience program being scheduled across this final week of Term 2.

The Year 10 subject teachers and Mentor group staff have been most generous with their time in visiting students undertaking Work Experience this week – their support of the program has been invaluable. I would like to acknowledge the enormous time commitment from Mrs Julie Ennor, our Work Experience Co-ordinator, in finalising arrangements for our students. We look forward to receiving feedback from the students about their placements after the holidays.

The students have been reminded about the need to check their uniforms over the holidays and make the necessary adjustments to length of skirts and position of their top buttons so that the tie fits neatly. We recently had an entertaining pastoral session comparing different tie techniques and it was good to observe students teaching other students. 

by Heather Ruckert, Year 10 Co-ordinator and Careers Consultant



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