News from Year 10

The Year 10 students have supported our Year 12 students and shown flexibility, as they remain quiet in the Senior College building during the examination period. IB examinations commenced on Monday 29 October and the need for a considerable number of room changes will remain in the lead up to their own examinations commencing on Monday 19 November. While it is preferable for the students to remain at home during the study day on Friday 16 November, a space has been provided for them to work in the library.

A printed invitation to the Year 10 Social has been distributed to students. Thank you to families for the number of early responses but a reminder that replies are requested by 8 November. The event will be held on Thursday 22 November at Gardiners Run in Chirnside Park from 7.00pm to 10.30pm.

Congratulations to Mitch Isbel for undertaking his first Solo flight! He has been taking flying lessons weekly with Lilydale Flying School for the past year. Mitch is now only five hours away from gaining his recreational pilot license.



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