News From Year 10

Subject selections are now closed and the students have tried hard to select courses that both reflect their interests, pre-requisites and future aspirations that include a wide range of options including the University and TAFE sectors. The school has ordered a copy for each Year 10 student of the Herald Sun from Tuesday 7 August that included a range of relevant articles plus the pre-requisites for 2021.

The school congratulates our Year 10 Mentor Leaders for Semester 2 and we particularly look forward to working with them in the Community Action Project later this term.

  • 10A        Finn Cussen and Phoebe Young
  • 10B        Ashleigh Dowling and Mitch Isbel
  • 10C        Sarah Huang and Darcee McCallum
  • 10D        Fintan McCrave and Inari Morales-Ameca Reyes
  • 10E        Alice Church and Natalie Owen

Last week we welcomed Ms Sue-Anne Dias the Tintern Grammar Human Resources Manager to our level assembly and she provided many insights from her experiences in recruitment. Ms Dias highlighted the importance of the 3Ps (Punctuality, Preparation and Presentation), the interview format, group interviews and mistakes to avoid. She also outlined the STAR technique when responding to behavioural interview questions (Situation, Task, Action, Result) for students to try in their upcoming mock job interviews.



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