News From Year 10

Year 10 students have returned to School with their usual energy and the employer Work Experience evaluation forms are currently being received by the Careers Department. Students will receive this feedback and a copy will be stored at School.

In pastoral sessions we are busy providing the background information to assist students with the subject selection process as we realise that this is an important decision for them. The final subject selection individual interviews are occurring with the Careers staff. Mrs Chris Millgate-Smith provided a clear overview of the VCE English options during a level assembly last week and Mrs Alison Bezaire explained the online subject selection process. The Subject Showcase Evening is on Thursday 26 July commencing at 7.30pm in the Senior College and it is important for students to have access to the teaching staff to discuss courses prior to making decisions about options for next year. Following the evening, the staff will be uploading any handouts from the Subject Showcase evening on to the student Portal home page for their reference.

The pastoral program for this week includes the distribution of the VTAC Year 10 Booklet and we held a ‘Kahoot’ to test the students knowledge about such issues as calculation of the ATAR, scaling and pre-requisites on Monday 23 July. Well done to Fintan McCrave who won the chocolate prize. Year 12 students currently studying VCE, IB and VCE VET also will attend an assembly to discuss their decision making processes plus the benefits and challenges of each course of study. The Year 10s are encouraged to ask questions in this interactive session.

On Thursday 26 July, Principal Bradley Fry will speak to the students about subject selection and the students have been asked to read their Semester 1 reports in readiness for the completion of their report evaluation that is automatically emailed through to their Mentor.

Monash Scholars Program

Tintern Grammar has had a long association with Monash University and the Monash Scholars program for high-achieving Year 10 students to connect with other students, participate in study skills seminars, explore career aspirations and attend events during their final years of secondary school. The opportunities are diverse and assist students to network, explore future opportunities in an University environment to enhance their personal skill set for the future.

The school would like to congratulate this year’s Monash Scholars who were awarded certificates from the University at assembly last week:

  • Ashleigh Dowling
  • Audrey Middleton
  • Natalie Owen
  • Angelina Tully



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