News from Year 10

House Community Action Project

The Year 10 House Community Action Project has proven challenging for some of our students as it transfers responsibility for the organisation and execution of a project to a group of students. The personal skills involved are often referred to as employability traits and are not easy to master; generally, the year level is progressing well with one group visiting Mercy Place Aged Care Facility in Montrose to present musical items and engage in activities with the residents on Wednesday 13 September. Another group will be visiting Eastwood Primary School to support young refugee children with a reading activity on the same day.

Persistent Head Lice

Some families in Year 10 are still frustrated by the lingering issue of head lice so it would be appreciated if all families could check their child carefully for head lice and implement appropriate treatment so that we can start Term 4 free of this condition. A copy of an information flyer has been uploaded to the Year 10 Portal page at

Wednesday Afternoon Sporting Arrangements

This Wednesday 13 September some of our students, as above, will be involved in House Community Action Projects and others will be representing the school at the EISM Cross Country event. The remainder of the level will have the opportunity to participate in a range of physical activities or join a study group with staff who have expertise in Mathematics, English, Science or the humanities.

Please note that on Wednesday 11 October there will be a follow-up session with Elevate Education titled ‘Ace Your Exams’; families are asked to not make any appointments during this time. Students involved in VET classes will be provided with an alternate session to cover the content.

End of Term matters

Many Year 10 students have been unwell in recent weeks and the students have been encouraged to discuss any changes to due dates or tests proactively with the teaching staff. I hope that the holidays are a chance for all students to have a rest and some personal time to recharge before the final term and lead up to examinations.

Optional Course at the end of Term 4 – METEC Driving Course and Level 2 First Aid Course

A letter outlining the optional METEC driving course and Level 2 First Aid training will be distributed to students and emailed to families following a presentation by METEC on Tuesday 12 September.

by Heather Ruckert, Year 10 Co-ordinator



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