News From Year 10

Monash University Scholars Program

The school has been officially notified that the following Year 10 Tintern Grammar students have been offered a place in the Monash Scholars Class of 2017 to 2019. The Monash Scholars program provides opportunities for high achieving students to network, enhance their learning goals, clarify personal aspirations and explore different career options in the supported environment of Monash University. Our congratulations on being a member of this recipient program go to:

  • Oscar de Jong
  • Rose Russell
  • Nicolani Susanto

Year 10 Semester 2 Mentor Leaders

A special acknowledgement to our Year 10 Mentor Group Leaders for Semester 2 who were announced and presented with their badges at our Principal’s Assembly last week. The role requires a demonstration of the qualities embedded in the Tintern Compass and high standards of personal integrity. We have had our first leadership meeting together to discuss the implementation of the House Community Action Project or House CAP and I look forward to communicating the range of activities that represent student inspired, planned and executed projects.

10A      Meagan Hynson and Eddie Yu

10B      Madeleine Howell and Brayden Stokes

10C      Sophie Cookes and Jack Hamilton

10D      Olivia Adkins and James Harvey

10E      Erin Doupe and Charles Purves

Francis Bolanis – Work Experience and Business Tour Opportunity

Francis managed to initiate not only a Work Experience placement but also a tour and practical learning with the Sous Chef at the Grand Hyatt. Francis’s first placement in a market environment involved a 6.00am start to the day and participating in the vibrant atmosphere of a night market to assist with making smoothies for JT Market Juice and researched marketing strategies for this fast paced environment. By way of contrast, Francis was also able to organise a behind the scenes tour of the Grand Hyatt and the opportunity to work with the Sous Chef in the kitchen to make some beautiful looking desserts. We always appreciate hearing positive feedback about our students, such as Francis, out in the work force. This is an example of one of our students developing their networking skills and building relationships with possible future mentors in an industry of interest that is all part of the important career exploration phase.

by Heather Ruckert, Year 10 Co-ordinator



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