News from Year 10

The Year 10s have had a busy end to the term and have worked through the challenges of meeting the many and varied demands on their time. It is hoped that the holidays will allow for some personal time with friends and families but also the opportunity to consolidate work from Term 1. The holiday period may also be a time to consider their Community Service requirement as members of the Senior College. It is expected that each student will document 15 hours of Community Service before the end of Year 12 (excluding IB students who have a specific requirement and recognition of Service built into their course). The value of Community Service is acknowledged by prospective employers and tertiary institutions. For example, the ‘Aspire’ Scholarship program at La Trobe University and the Early Achievers Program at ACU recognise community involvement when awarding conditional early offers at a lower ATAR.

Keys Please – Year 10 Presentation

Year 10 students enjoyed an interactive session on Thursday 16 March from a VicRoads presenter relating to the Graduated Licensing System. Each student received a set of ‘L Plates’. Valuable resources have also been created for parents that include tips and videos relating to the supervision of learner drivers.

Please refer to:

A further message from VicRoads…. “Research shows that learners who gain experience with parents have about 20% lower crash and traffic offence rates once they are licensed, than learners who only take professional lessons. Research also shows that on average learners who gain an average of 120 hours of supervised on-road experience in all conditions have a 30% lower risk of crashing after getting a licence”. VicRoads – Keys Please and L2P Program, Metropolitan South East Region.

Upcoming Events – Elevate Education

All Year 10 students will be involved in two seminars in Term 2 called ‘Study Sensei’ and ‘Ace your Exams’ to assist them with their academic studies. An invitation to a parent/guardian seminar will be emailed at the beginning of next term so that the material covered at school can be followed up at home. The details of the ‘Study Sensei’ program are listed below:

Student Session 1:          Study Sensei

Date:                                       Thursday 27 April

Time:                                       1.45 – 2.45pm

Key Focus

  • Dynamic Reading – Reading text and extracting the key points.
  • Note Taking – Organising ideas from readings for effective learning.
  • Conceptual Learning Skills – Breaking information into its relevant parts rather than relying on rote learning.

Parent Session Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm 

Venue:                                Tintern Theatre

Date:                                   Thursday 4 May

By Mrs Heather Ruckert, Year 10 Co-ordinator



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