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Term 3 has been a rich blend of many varied activities, from Cross-Country to camps, and Smoothie Bar to SoMe and celebrations of 100 days. We have had Big Day In, a Badging Ceremony and will have Battle of the Bands. There have been Music Concerts and incursions, Mathematics Competitions and the Melbourne Writers Festival.  Factis Awards have been presented, and Family Planning ran some classes with Year 9 students. While I have only mentioned a selection of the opportunities and events which have been available, it is clear to see that the variety and number is amazing, and of course this is all over and above classes which continue to deliver curriculum. Educating our students, as you well know, is much more than the ATAR score they may receive at the end of their schooling. It is the culmination of all the numerous experiences they have had, each contributing to who they are and who they will be. Through the process of being involved in the life of this school, character, values and attributes are being shaped and developed.

On Friday 14 September, Year 7 students participated in our first ever Badging Ceremony. This class will graduate in 2023, and received a badge reflective of that year to wear proudly on their blazer. It was wonderful to see the entire Year 7 cohort on stage and being presented with their badge. In addition, the Combined Middle School Assembly, which began with a musical item from the Concert Band, featured Mr Fry addressing all Middle School students on ‘Own Self’ – a summary of the skills and attributes required for working in the 21st century and what students need to work on and develop in order to be well-equipped for the future.

This Friday, we have our annual Battle of the Bands to look forward to. Each year this is a highlight of the term, when the whole school has the opportunity to see and hear talent from across the year levels that we often did not even know was there. It is a fund-raising ‘footy day’ and students will be able to wear football colours as free dress and bring a gold-coin donation. Funds raised go to World Challenge students.

Recently, all Middle School students were introduced to the World Challenge Vietnam Trip 2019. This is the second time this trip is offered. Students who participated in 2017 had a life-changing experience. Events such as this give students the opportunity to work closely with those less fortunate than we are, to provide a service that will benefit the community well into the future. Students learn a great deal about themselves, others and the world outside their usual sphere. All families will be receiving an email about this event and I encourage you to carefully consider your child becoming involved in this unique event.

As we head into the holidays, I would like to wish all families a restful, refreshing and safe break. We look forward to your safe return on Tuesday 9 October.



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