News From the Careers Department

At this time of the year the Careers staff are busy providing final support for our Year 12 students as they complete their last days of school at Tintern. The focus over the next month should be on their examinations and there is a two week period when students cannot change their preferences on the VTAC system. This year there has been greater interest in interstate and overseas applications that reflects the increasingly broader and more global perspectives of our young men and women. The Year 12s are exploring a range of options that include tertiary study, apprenticeships, internships, Gap year programs and entering the world of work.

Our Year 9 students have also been busy organising their Work Experience placements for June 2017 and they are required to finalise these arrangements by the end of Term 1 next year.

CareerNews Number 15 – October 2016

The latest edition of CareerNews is now available and an index of the newsletter includes a particular emphasis for Year 12 students:


  1. Year 12 and VTAC
  2. Where can I get assistance during ‘Change of Preference Week’?
  3. University of Melbourne News
  4. Indigenous Students: Think your Way
  5. What if I don’t get a high enough ATAR to get into my desired course?

All the editions of the CareerNews can be found on the Careers Portal page.



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