News from Girls’ Middle School

We’ve certainly settled into Term 4 and as we near the halfway mark there is a buzz of activity about the Middle School. Our House Swimming Carnival was well attended with many girls swimming (sometimes splashing) as they fought for points in a variety of events. What is particularly great about events such as these is the support shown by all House members, not just the competitors. There were many students who assisted with duties – taking pictures, assisting with results etc – as well as the encouragement and cheering belted out from the stands. Congratulations to all girls who competed on the day!

We’ve had students out and about in the community as they build on the coursework studied at school. Year 7s enjoyed their Chinese Excursion whilst Year 8 Geography students visited Hanging Rock and Year 9 Outdoor Education students experienced river sledding on the Yarra River. These are excellent opportunities to live, breathe and interact with environments, exhibits and cultures.


Year 7 Night of the Notables

Tintern hosted over 50 ‘Notable’ characters from history at our Year 7 ‘Night of the Notables’ last week. It was a fantastic evening during which parents, staff and students enjoyed learning more about each individual ‘notable’. The Year 7s have been investigating their chosen person throughout second semester and each student had to introduce themselves to the audience, a daunting task for many, and then head to their displays. The creativity on display was excellent with many visual, interactive and tasty items for the audience to explore. From astronauts to actresses, dancers and pilots, there was a great deal of variety and it was clear that each student had chosen someone from a field they were passionate about.

Year 9s on stage in the 9/10 Production – Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾

The 9/10 Production was held on Thursday and Friday of last week and was the culmination of many, many rehearsals held over Term 3 and 4. Congratulations to the cast and crew on a very high quality production. It was terrific to see students involved in all aspects of the production whether acting, performing on instruments, and singing, managing the stage and controlling sound and lightning. The energy and standard of performance was high and it was particularly enjoyable to see the different roles taken on by the cast over the two nights.

910production 910production1 

Trangia MasterChef

Our Year 9 girls were cooking up a storm during our Trangia MasterChef competition as part of Challenge. Girls were split into teams within their House groups and were given an hour to prepare, make and present a main and a dessert dish. They were given recipes and could choose from a variety of ingredients to make their dishes. The difficult part of the task was that they had limited equipment with which to cook with as they were given two chopping boards, two knives and a Trangia stove. The aim of the session was to have girls thinking about the possibilities when cooking in the outdoors using this camp stove and not limit themselves to using packet or pre-cooked food but instead using fresh ingredients. The results were very impressive and it was quite difficult to choose the winning dishes. Each House presented their food beautifully and the food was super tasty! As the girls prepare for Summer Expeditions, they can now consider making a ‘bush carbonara’ or vanilla slice…not exactly the same as want they might eat at home, but giving their camping experience some flavour, interest and variety.

masterchef1  masterchef3





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