News from Boys’ Middle School

As much as I love the holidays and the opportunity to spend some time with my family, it’s also always a fun time to see the boys returning to school after a break. They are almost always excited with plenty to talk about and stories to share, whilst also being bleary eyed as for many it may be the earliest they had woken up for some time.

Semester 2 brings with it the opportunity for the boys to reflect on how they went in the first semester and on how they may improve in terms of their results and their efforts. It also brings a group of new subjects; new subjects for the boys include History, Geography, Drama, Music, Health, Religion, Art, DT, etc, as well as our Year 8 and 9 boys beginning new electives. As I always talk about with new parents or touring groups, the Middle Years are a challenging period of time for everyone, especially the boys. Motivation, enthusiasm, excitement, towards school is hard for the boys to conjure up, as we are battling against what they deem more important things such as games, sport, social media and sleep. Having these subjects mix around and expose our boys to many different areas of learning is important in helping to provide forms of motivation or interest to them during these developmental years.

We have just briefed our boys on subject selection which has just begun for next year. For Year 7s and 8s, this is elective options for next year, a chance to choose subjects outside the normal curriculum that are in areas of interest to them. For Year 9s it is also about elective options for next year as well as the potential for them to start looking at VCE options and potential pathways for themselves in their coming senior years.

At our assembly this week we focussed on understanding the risks of social media by providing the boys a video from A Current Affair showing the dangers of social media if not used correctly and the risks of unwanted attention from the people with the wrong intentions. As parents the advice is to still ensure your children are using social media that is age appropriate, that it is supervised and that you endeavour to have an open relationship that allows you to see their accounts, see their ‘posts’ etc. If you ever have concerns about anything regarding, then please do not hesitate to contact us for some suggestions or support. To watch the video from A Current Affair, please click on the link below.

Foundation Assembly

On Monday 18th we had our annual Southwood Foundation assembly in the CM Wood Centre. It was fantastic to hear some great reflections from some of our current students as well as an old collegian. For a lot of our boys, their journey through Tintern/Southwood has only been for a short period of time and for them to hear these stories helps to build their feeling of belonging to a pretty special place.


Our Year 8/9 Sport has continued this term with a number of our teams starting the term off well with a win. With approximately 4 games left there are a number of teams still with a chance to make finals. Our Year 7 boys will officially begin their competition in the EISM with our four teams; AFL, Soccer, Basketball and Table Tennis each beginning competition next week. We all look forward to watching these boys give their best efforts in all of their games.




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