News from Boys’ Middle School

Raising a boy is really hard! I know this is probably stating the obvious for most of you, but it really is. Just last week we had the last of our three orientation days for next year’s Year 7 boys as well as meeting with the parents of these boys at our information evening. The excitement among the boys as they get closer to moving from Junior Schools into the Middle School was palpable, as well as the touch of nervousness. This too was the feeling among the parents, who for many, are doing this for the very first time; they too, are taking another one of those steps alongside their son on his journey to manhood. The issue for a number of parents here is that the steps taken by their boy starts to get a bit bigger than mum and dads. The metaphorical hand holding that has occurred over the last 6 or 7 years through Junior School has potentially been shaken as they begin to discover their new, and many, pathways in life.

The Middle Years is hard for boys, but can sometimes be even harder for parents. The change that they see in their boy can often be immense and one that is difficult to understand and sometime accept. Michael Grose is an Australian parenting educator ( and has written many books on raising children and he has shortlisted 5 key understandings the he believes will help you to raise well-adjusted boys:

  1. You must like them: Understand they’ll be boisterous, messy, disorganised, in your face – accept this. Approval is what boys need; from parents, peers and teachers. If they have this they will respond to you.
  2. They are hierarchical: They must have limits and boundaries and they need someone to enforce them.
  3. They are just as sensitive as girls: You just need different language to get them to open up than you do with girls. Ask him how he thinks about something and he may then open up about how he feels.
  4. Loyalty is massive: Being loyal to his family, his peers, etc. is huge. They will be incredibly influenced by their peers.
  5. They need a purpose: Motivation for school, life, etc. comes from having a purpose.

Parenting is not easy, I’m certainly discovering this with my little ones, but I can see that adolescence is a whole new ball game! Advice I can offer is to read what experts have to say, ask for advice from lots of people, and then discover what works best for your boy and your family. There is no one size fits all.

Year 8 Performing Arts Night

On Wednesday 23rd of November our 8D boys joined the 8A girls for our Semester 2 Year 8 Performing Arts Night. It was a combination of their work in both Music and Drama throughout Semester 2 and it was an amazing night. The most impressive thing from me about nights like this is that the boys are on stage doing something that is potentially out of their comfort zone (although for some it is right up their alley!) and being able to rise to the challenge. It was amazing to see boys perform solos vocally and on instruments, as well as be challenged by Vince DiMitro (their Drama teacher) with on-the-spot drama skits. The finale of a dance with the girls from 8D was amazing and hopefully a night the boys will remember fondly.




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