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The last couple of weeks continue to be jam-packed of activities for our boys as they head toward the end of the year. Our House Swimming sports was held on Tuesday 18th October and it was a fantastic day with so much enthusiasm and effort put in boy our boys. The House spirit was certainly on display with costumes, chants and friendly rivalries. The efforts in the pool were exceptional both from a team perspective as well as individually. At the end of the day it was McKie House that came out on top, just ahead of Grant House. Individually we have year level champions and this year they were:

  • Kaidan Dalzotto at Year 7.
  • Jeremy Yuen-Love at Year 8.
  • Joel Pearce-Schmidt and Ben Rudd at Year 9.

Well done to these four boys and to all boys who competed on the day.

At a recent assembly we spoke to the boys about a few key areas, one being respect. This was mentioned in light of our Year 12 students who are beginning their exam period for their final year of school and the importance of showing the respect to them as they prepare and then sit their examinations. Our boys themselves in the Middle School, will also be preparing for end of year assessments for certain subject with our Year 9s sitting exams for English, Maths and Science, whilst Year 7s and 8s will also sit end of year tests/assessments in certain subjects. They will be spending some time in class and in Pastoral revising and preparing for these assessments.

A campaign we are supporting this month is ‘A Polished Man’. It is an organisation that raises money and awareness around physical or sexual violence toward children. Sadly, 1 in 5 children before the age of 18 will fall victim to this. Our new school leaders this week were painting one finger nail on a person’s hand to represent 1 in 5, this is a way to start conversation and donations that hopefully one day lead to prevention and protection ( ).

Year 9 & 10 Co-production

On Thursday night (and also on Friday night) we saw the performance of our Year 9 & 10 Co-production. This year the performance was title ‘The Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 & ¾’ and the performance itself was exceptional! It’s the story of a young boy who experiences the troubles of being a teenager including personal issues, peer relationships, family breakdowns and girlfriend problems.

This production is one that begins back in Term 2 where both the boys and girls audition for roles and then begin the many hours, days, weeks of rehearsals that lead into having the performance ready for the actual day.

A lot of this show, including backstage, choreography, etc. is directed by the students providing them with a wonderful experience around teamwork, time management and stage performances. The students really enjoy working with each other and developing great friendships across both year levels and the different genders providing them with an increased network of friends as they head into the Senior College next year.





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