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As we SAIL full steam ahead towards the end of the year, our boys continue to develop and display the Tintern Compass points in all that we do.

Swimming lessons can prove challenging…the ‘sensory experience’ of being in the water and potentially being cold, the physicality they demand, the learning of actions that aren’t necessarily natural,  the changing in and out of clothes… but our boys tackled all lessons with confidence and enthusiasm. Every boy listened to his coach, accepted advice and persevered if/when it was challenging. The boys happily walked up to the pool, and returned just as happy AND we don’t appear to have any lost items of clothing!!! Thank you for supporting your boys and ensuring that they were well prepared for the lessons.

Our Year 6 boys had the unique experience of flying a light plane during their Flight Experience at Tyabb airport on Tuesday. Having spent the term researching famous aviators, and presenting their findings to the class, studying the principles of aerodynamics and listening to guest speaker pilots, the hands-on experience provided the boys with the opportunity to put theory into practice….a wonderful and memorable experience.

Our Year 2 Dads and Lads evening on Thursday evening saw hi-fives, cuddles, nutmegs, home runs, strikes and uncontrollable giggling…and that was just the dads! It was a wonderful evening that highlighted the importance of guardians and their kids finding time in their busy lives to have fun together. Soccer and softball were followed by a BBQ and then ten pin bowling and laser tag. It was a wonderfully enjoyable, funny and memorable evening. A huge THANK YOU to the dads who joined us. We greatly appreciated the effort you all made firstly to be able to attend, and then the ‘spirit’ and ‘appropriate competitiveness’ that was displayed during activities!

Friday night saw our Prep and Year 1 ‘PJ Party’…how exciting for our youngest boys to be at school ‘late’, in their pyjamas, involving themselves enthusiastically in such a special activity, still having the energy at the end of such a busy week to run around and complete a treasure hunt.

To highlight the privilege we have of sharing our boys and girls journey, I attended the Year 10s ‘Social’ on Thursday evening. Twenty-three of those ‘lads’ were in our Junior School, flying a plane, bowling with their ‘dad’, wearing their PJs…and now look at them!!! What a spirited, responsible, respectful and connected group of ‘boys and girls’ that enjoyed a wonderful evening….dancing and laughing and showing a genuine care for one another.  I like to think that the experiences, values and environment that Tintern offers, hand in hand with the care and support of  ‘home’, helps shape these young men and women….it’s also a timely reminder to savour each moment of our children’s childhood, as they grow very quickly!!



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