New Parking Restrictions – Letter from Maroondah Council

A friendly reminder of the new Parking Restrictions Maroondah Council will enforce in the coming weeks. Please note this letter from Principal Bradley Fry was emailed to the School community during the holidays.

Dear Tintern Grammar families and staff

Ahead of the Term 2 return to school, please find attached a letter from Maroondah Council. This details important changes for families regarding parking, pick up and drop off arrangements.

As you will read, these changes apply to Alexandra Rd, Byways Drive and the surrounding area and are hoped to ease some of the significant congestion experienced by families, as well as alleviate safety concerns for our students and neighbours, particularly during morning drop off.

The signage will be changed in the next 3 to 4 weeks, and we do not anticipate getting any further notice beyond this letter.

If you drop off or park on the southern side of the School in the Alexandra Rd precinct, please ensure you are familiar with the forthcoming changes and look for the changes to signage in the area to avoid any risk of Council fines. While the school does not request or encourage council enforcement, they are in the best interests of student and community safety and we urge our families to adhere to them. To ensure the safety of our students, staff, families and neighbours, the best option for secondary student drop off is the PE Centre/Bus Bay car park.

If using the PE Centre/Bus Bay car park, please also be aware that right-hand turns from Loma Street into the School are clearly signposted as prohibited and drivers run the risk of being booked by Council Officers if they make such right-hand turns. This is also a particularly dangerous manoeuvre which is likely to result in collisions with cars or buses making the correct turn from Morinda Street into the School or continuing around the curve from Morinda Street into Loma Street.

Kind regards 

Brad Fry


Tintern Grammar

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