New Flags

Our very responsible and vigilant Flag Captain Keira Vandenbroek would like you to know if anyone has noticed the brand new Australian and Aboriginal Flags fluttering in the breeze? They were recently replaced after damage was incurred during the week of very strong winds and blustery weather. Did you know that it is considered undignified to fly a torn or damaged flag?

Keira has prepared a few other facts about flags for you to contemplate:

Did you know that the three colours of the Aboriginal flag have significant meanings? The black refers to the Aboriginal people of Australia, the red refers to the earth and the yellow circle is the sun. This should be handy when trying to remember which side is up.

Did you know that a sign of respect for the flag is not to let it touch the ground?

Next time you walk past the flag poles, spare a minute to admire our National Flag and the Aboriginal Flag.

by Karen Dang, Year 6 Teacher






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