My first day at my new school!

Today I went to my new school. We have a swimming class and Art class. I love swimming and Art. My friends and I go to the swimming pool. I go swimming and play in the water. We are happy but it is time to draw. My Art teacher, Mrs Greco says, “In this class, you need to draw a self-portrait.”   We start drawing. Some people draw beautifully but my drawing is ‘so-so’. Then we went to eat lunch. Today, I bought my lunch from the canteen kitchen. In the afternoon class, we needed to write a story but I am still practising my English. I wrote a long story and my teacher gave me some ideas. She talked with me and that made me happy. My friends helped me with my iPad to make a nice picture and we always play a game in the playground. At 3.30pm my brother and I went home. We played many games and drew pictures. My mother said, “Elina, your picture is beautiful!” She made dinner and we ate it. At 9.40pm, my sister Quincy said, “You need to go to sleep or read a book.” I decided to read a book but I was too tired after 10 minutes and decided to sleep. I lay in my bed and said to myself, “This was a happy day!”  

by Elina Ma, 5A



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