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Virtual Choir brings our Songbirds together!

We were thrilled to launch at the end of Term 3 week a delightful ‘virtual’ choir performance of an uplifting song, “The Defining Moment” by Pinkzebra. The lyrics of this song encapsulate so many of the positive elements which have resulted from our community working together to grow stronger through the challenges of the past few months. Seeing the joy on the faces of our students as they sing, and hearing their wonderful voices unifying (and harmonising!) throughout this song remind us of the importance of taking each day in our stride and looking forward with confidence and a sense of achievement. If you have not yet watched this compilation, please check it out below:


Quieter start to Term 4 than usual

Our Music Staff were very much looking forward to seeing some students back on site this term, ready to re-commence music lessons and some ensemble work. As Music Educators, we know that the mental health and wellbeing of students is paramount and that participation in music provides many students with a place of connectedness and safety and an oft-needed outlet for relaxation. The immense benefits of music making on mental health and academic achievement are well documented. Participating in music education instils a sense of identity, creativity and self-expression into the daily experiences of our young charges and provides extensive opportunities for developing friendships with like-minded peers, and co-operation and collaboration with them.

Whilst we are disappointed that we cannot conduct music lessons or rehearsals using voice, wind and brass instruments at the moment, unless for essential assessment, e.g. VCE, it has been delightful to hear pianos and drums and stringed instruments filling the music corridors once again. There have been a number of representations from Music Education bodies to the government regarding this situation, and we are hopeful that we will hear our bands and singers striking up again soon. In the meantime, thank you to the wonderful Music Staff and the students for their ongoing patience and commitment to their music, albeit in the online forum. It is wonderful to know that the instruments are not rusting out nor the voices atrophying from underuse. This will make your return to school so much smoother and getting back into lessons and rehearsals ever s much easier. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later!




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