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Percussion Concert

On Tuesday 10 September, the CM Wood Centre saw a fantastic showcase of talent and commitment in the Annual Percussion Concert. The night started off with a great rendition of the “Mission Impossible Theme” by the Percussion Ensemble, who rehearse every Thursday morning to perfect their collaborative pieces. 15 percussion students from Year 3 to Year 11 then individually took to the stage, playing a huge range of instruments and styles. With the drum kit being the most popular choice, the xylophone and timpani made appearances too, and highlighted a broad range of Percussion instruments. There was rock, jazz, and even some disco, which really meant there was something for everyone. It wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible Percussion Teacher, Nalini Scarfe, who helped everyone prepare and master their pieces prior to the concert. Overall it was great experience for the performers and a very enjoyable evening!

by Alice Church, Year 11

Spring is in the air!

 Last Sunday 15 September, students from Tintern were delighted to perform at the Heathmont Uniting Church as part of the Heathmont History Group’s Spring Concert. The concert was themed around ‘the music of nature’, which served as a tribute to Heathmont’s orchard and heath heritage. The concert began with the combined Intermediate Choirs performing 4 songs, conducted by Ms Anne Bortolussi and accompanied at different times by our wonderful student pianists Ashleigh Dowling, Helen Yang and Olivia Dowling. The first piece ‘Heather on the Hill’, featured Alistair Touliatos, Alexander Guscott, Liam Rosewarne and Dou Dou Zuo as a feature group.

The Tintern Clarinet and Saxophone Ensembles performed a number of beautiful pieces, under the guidance of the ensembles’ director, Mrs Lisa Clarke. A number of talented students were featured throughout the concert as soloists, including Ashleigh Dowling (piano), Zoë Forbes (flute), Aaron Zhou (alto saxophone) and Joshua Tan (violin). The concert was brought to a close with a sing-a-long of some old time favourites including Edelweiss from the Sound of Music and The Road to Gundagai. It was lovely to be able to perform for such a joyful and appreciative audience. Many thanks to our Director of Music, Mrs Bezaire, Mrs Clarke, Ms Bortolussi and the Heathmont History Group for giving us the opportunity to perform for such a beautiful community.

by Natasha Gillam, Intermediate Choir Captain (Year 9)

Some Surprises for the Strings on their South Street adventure!

On the first day of Spring, a Saturday, members of the Tintern Grammar Chamber Orchestra gathered at the bus bay, eager to participate in the ongoing Royal South Street Festival, a month-long festival comprised of competitions which celebrate the performing arts. Every year, competitors and music ensembles from all around Australia flock to Ballarat to participate, and this year, once again, our string orchestra was to compete in the ‘Senior String Orchestra’ section. The time was 12.30, when the members of the orchestra had arrived in the bus bay, ready for the approximately 2-hour-long journey.

After some 30 minutes of waiting, we were growing restless. Students rummaged and found some equipment to keep themselves entertained. In the bus bay, there was a basketball game in the unshaded area, and under the giant roof, a badminton doubles game. Balls were bouncing, shuttlecocks were flying, badminton racquets were swinging – but, thankfully, no instruments were harmed during the sporting diversions.

At 1.45, our prayers were answered. Well, not quite – the bus hadn’t come yet, but a bus had come. It discharged some exchange students, and parents, who were visiting the school. Perhaps we were all feeling naturally spontaneous and, within a few minutes, we had all unpacked our instruments and were arranged in a loose semicircle. Our music was in the tub, but we didn’t have any stands. So, in our makeshift orchestra setup, under our makeshift concertmaster, Ron Chen (it is usually Clarisse Liew, our lead violinist – she was already in Ballarat), we attempted to perform the first movement of the suite, all of it by memory.

And it was amazing! Well, ‘amazing’ is a strong word, but it didn’t fall apart. Our audience were in absolute rapture, which is, again, also a strong word but, considering the circumstances, it went really well.

The bus finally arrived at around 2.15. Relative to our adventures in the bus bay, the 2-hour long bus trip was fairly uneventful. We were warned that the minute we reached Ballarat, we were required to immediately unpack offstage, and take to the stage. So, for our performance, we had no prior warm-up. But, at least, we had music!

The performance itself was quite successful, again considering the circumstances, and although it wasn’t the greatest rendition we had ever produced, we nevertheless came 6th place, on 86 out of 100 points. We received helpful feedback for our individual sections, and for our orchestra as a whole.

Although not everything went exactly to plan, we were privileged to have performed at such a prestigious festival, and we all had an interesting day, to say the least! We must thank ensemble leader, Mr Veldman for preparing us for this event and, particularly, Mrs Mackie and Ms Patton who were our supervising teachers for the bus trip – the day did not quite turn out the way they expected!

 by Joshua Choong, School Pianist 2019 (and viola player in the TGCO)

Ensemble Photos available online until end of term

This is a final reminder that SchoolPix Music Ensemble Photos are now available to order online at, but you will need your unique order and ID number to be able to order. Each ensemble member has been given a card with a unique code which allows parents to go online and order photos of their child’s/children’s ensembles. Orders close this Sunday 22 September. Please contact Mrs Feenane in the Music Office if you have any queries about these arrangements.



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