Music Matters

Munch was a Marvellous Mixture of Munching, Music and Merriment!

Over 400 members of the Tintern Community gathered together on Sunday morning 25 November to enjoy some wonderful end-of-year musical entertainment provided by our Junior School, Middle School and some Senior College musicians and choristers. This annual event is hosted by a volunteer committee of hard-working parents on the Friends of Music Team, who decorate the CM Wood Centre with appropriately Christmassy bling and ensure our Tintern families are well catered for. We thank them for their ongoing support of all things musical at Tintern. We welcomed the return of the Christmas sing-a-long this year and were pleasantly surprised when Santa made an unexpected visit too! Many thanks must go, also, to our ensemble and choir teachers for their ongoing tuition of our students to rehearse them to performance standard for such events. We gain much pleasure from our jobs and these events only serve as a reminder that the more you get into music, the more you’ll get out of life!

We look forward to welcoming our musicians back in 2019 for more music and merriment (and the occasional munching too!)



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