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Remembrance Day Concert

On Sunday 11 November, various Tintern Grammar music ensembles performed at the Remembrance Day Centenary Community concert at the Uniting Church in Heathmont. The concert commemorated 100 years since the end of World War 1, and was not only a privilege to be a part of, but an unforgettable experience. This event was extremely important, as the service was a reminder of those who contributed and gave their lives to serve our country.

The significance of this event was shown through the red poppies worn by every student, participant and audience member of the concert. The poppies are a symbol of remembrance, as they were the flowers that grew on the battlefields at the end of World War 2.

As a school, we were lucky enough to have a great deal of involvement in the community event. Both our Intermediate Boys’ Choir and our Intermediate Girls’ Choir sang numerous songs, ranging from popular charts to some war-time favourites that the audience could sing along with. The Intermediate Jazz Band also featured, playing two sets of some quite challenging music! A real highlight of the afternoon was Tintern alumnae Aimee and Caitlin Spears performing. Their incredible voices impressing the audience and also all current students. At the conclusion of the concert, Year 9 student Charlie Victoria was given the privilege of performing the Last Post. This was certainly a very proud and special moment for Tintern and Charlie especially.

Every student represented Tintern commendably and enriched the audience with some top-notch performances. It was an extremely proud moment for our School to be a part of such a meaningful event and an opportunity for which we were very grateful.

by Amelia Kenny, Intermediate Jazz Band Captain

Time to Munch with the Musos

We’re 12 days away from… (wait for it ….. no, not Christmas!)… from the Mammoth Musically Momentous occasion we affectionately call “Munch with the Musos”!

Start to dust off your Christmas finery (reindeer ears, Santa hats and tinselly halos welcome) and come along to the CM Wood Centre at 10am on Sunday 25 November. Bookings can be made through TryBooking: 

Performers enter free (but must book their seats). Tea, coffee, juice, buns, sandwiches and fruit supplied but you may also bring your own gourmet delights to share with friends and family too. 



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