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Major Musical Coup for Tintern!

Over the last term there has been a wonderful opportunity for some students to learn about orchestral conducting, in preparation for a visit from Benjamin Northey, Chief Conductor of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and Associate Conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, who came last Wednesday, 7 June. In the lead up to the event, the three students who volunteered to be part of the workshop practised conducting the orchestra, becoming familiar with beat patterns and the score of a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Medley.

When Mr Northey came to Tintern, he first gave a presentation to students and Music staff about his experiences as a conductor and how he prepares a score. This was particularly insightful into the little-known world of conducting and was also a good chance to get some tips about the analytical side of things and all the preparation that takes place before rehearsals even start. Then he moved on to the practical side, as he led a workshop with the Symphony Orchestra. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed this experience, whether they were a musician, onlooker or hoping to improve their own conducting. Mr Northey explained how to communicate clearly through gestures, how to show dynamics and feeling, and also technical aspects, such as how to show the change of tempo or time signature. Finally, there was a short Q and A for anyone who had questions or wanted to know more.

Overall, this was a fantastic experience for all involved. Some of the highlights from students who attended were the enthusiasm Mr Northey brought to our rehearsal, the expert advice and guidance, and learning about a lesser-known musical profession. We would like to thank Ben Northey for coming to Tintern – maybe some of us will one day become maestros ourselves, or at least we will definitely be watching our conductors more closely from now on!

by Molly Fleming, School Pianist 2017 

Singers unite

On 31 May, we had an enjoyable time at the singing soiree, filled with impressive performances from students ranging across all ages in the secondary school. These performances included musical theatre, operatic arias and recitatives, and contemporary pieces. All of the brave performers of the night showcased each of their unique voices with breathtaking quality. All family members in the audience lovingly supported each of the performers as they took to the stage. It was wonderful to see all of these performers perform in front of an audience, as this task is never easy, whether it be for a new or experienced performer. I hope that each performer will take something away from the concert and grow with further experience through the years to come.

by Lovelyn Lim, Choral Captain 2017

Music Camp 2017

Students in the following ensembles will be required to attend our Annual Music Camp next term over the weekend of Friday 21 July (afternoon/evening – choirs only), through Saturday 22 July to Sunday 23 July. This is a non-residential rehearsal weekend (i.e. students go home overnight and return to school the next day) primarily run for the purpose of learning and rehearsing our Finale item for our Annual Concert on Friday 4 August. All students in these ensembles are expected to perform in this Finale:

Boys Intermediate Choir

Girls Intermediate Choir

Senior Boys Chamber Choir

Senior Girls Chamber Choir

Tintern Grammar Concert Choir

Intermediate Jazz Band

Tintern Grammar Jazz Band

Scrolls String Orchestra

Tintern Grammar Chamber Orchestra

Tintern Grammar Symphony Orchestra

Tintern Grammar Concert Band

Tintern Grammar Wind Symphony

Letters with further details about the Rehearsal Weekend will be posted to families later this week.

Music Camp 2016

by Alison Bezaire, Director of Music



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