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Student Performances added to the Festivities at the Fair

The vibe of the Tintern Grammar Fair was lively and was a great way to bring the school community together to celebrate our great school. The live music performances helped to create this vibe as all performers were Tintern music students ranging from Years 3 to 12. Each group brought energy and their love for music to their performances, which is what makes our Music Department so special.

The performances were split across two staging areas: the Main Stage and the Junior School Deck. Both areas had very different atmospheres.  On the Main Stage, the audience enjoyed listening to music from the Intermediate and Senior Jazz Bands, Senior Wind Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Cooper Choir, Hairspray performance and the Junior and Senior Massed Singing, including a performance with Lisa Edwards for the final student performance of the day. The audience this year was lively and every performance had a responsive and supportive crowd.

On the Junior School Deck performance area, the mood was a lot more relaxed. Located near the Devonshire tea area, people were able to enjoy a bite to eat while listening to our smaller ensembles. The groups which performed on the Deck were the Saxophone Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, the Kelson String Quartet, Intermediate String Quartet, Clementson Piano Quartet, Brass Ensemble and the Guitar Ensembles. These smaller groups also brought their love for music and enthusiasm to the more intimate performing space.

A special thank you must go to those teachers and students who arrived early to help set up the equipment on the stage and stayed behind to help pack up the Main stage and to those who helped move equipment throughout the day. It really helped move the day along smoothly. An extra special thank you to Mrs Bezaire, Mr Veldman, Mrs Clarke, Ms McKenzie, Ms Bortolussi, Mr Kidd, Ms Scarfe, Ms Lok, Mrs Wagner and Mrs Casey for your ongoing support through the weekly rehearsals prior to the fair. Your work with the music students is really appreciated by the school community.

by Tiana McAsey, Instrumental Music Captain (Band) 2017

First Twilight Concert for 2017 is a winner!

Last Wednesday afternoon various students from different year levels participated in the first of our annual Twilight Concert series. This event took place in the Kelson Room, where staff, students and parents joined together to hear this fantastic programme. Ms Constable also joined the concert as a special guest to support the students. The annual Twilight Concerts are always a great opportunity for music students to perform in front of an audience up close. These events allow the students to share their interpretations of different pieces of music. However, most importantly, by hearing music, it helps our bodies to relax physically and mentally from a busy day of school. The students all performed well. The concert featured all types of musical instruments such as piano, clarinet and string instruments, as well as music from a range of musical eras such as Classical, 20th Century and modern contemporary music. Overall, the concert was a great success.

by Steven Zhang, School Pianist 2017

Music of Japan

On Friday 28 April, during first period, Toshi (a taiko player) and Anne (a taiko and shakuhachi player) came and performed in the CM Wood Performance Centre at Tintern. They performed in front of the Year 7 and 8 girls and boys and the IB students as a part of a World Music unit, which we are currently studying in music.

Toshi and Anne played many different pieces using the Taiko, Shakuhachi, Chappas (small cymbals) Kane (small gong) and Sasara (a rattling wooden instrument). They were energetic and had a lot of fun on stage. They had both been playing Taiko for 31 years but only met and started working together 20 years ago. When they were introducing themselves, they were nothing but smiles and that continued throughout the entire performance, which made it so much more entertaining because they were enjoying themselves, so it made the audience happy and interested in what they were going to do next.

Toshi and Anne started to come down to where the audience was sitting and pointing to people, telling them to go on stage and stand or sit behind a drum. I remember I was sitting anxiously not really wanting to go up on stage in front of all those people, but before I knew it, Anne was dragging my hand and pulling me up onto the stage telling me to stand behind one of the bigger drums which was called an okedaiko. My face turned as red as a tomato as I picked up the bachi (Japanese for drumsticks). Toshi started to play a rhythm on his drum and we had to copy him. As I got into it, my fear dissolved and it was so much fun playing up on stage with other students, alongside Toshi and Anne.

I really enjoyed this performance and I would love to watch them perform again. They did a really good job of introducing Japanese music and made me intrigued and wanting to listen to more taiko.

by Sarah Thompson, Year 8

Workshops with Music of Japan

Following the performance students in 8B, 8C and 8E went on to enjoy workshops with Anne and Toshi. The pieces learnt in the workshops will form the basis of Taiko items to be performed later this term at the Year 8 Performing Arts Evening on Monday 19 June.

By Alison Bezaire, Director of Music

Community Concert at Olivet Aged Care Home

A group of Year 11 IB Music students and two Middle School flautists brought some music and joy to the clients at the Olivet Aged Persons Home this week, as they performed a range of musical items for the residents and members of their families. IB Music students, Holly Fryer (flute), Charlotte Menagh (clarinet) and Steven Zhang (piano), and Year 9 students Zoe Forbes and Clarisse Liew, delighted with their array of works adeptly accompanied by Head of Keyboard, Ms Heather McKenzie. The residents were thrilled that the students gave so willingly of their time to entertain them on a cool yet sunny morning.


Senior Girls’ Chamber Choir competing in Boroondara Eisteddfod

We wish the Senior Girls’ Chamber Choir all the best as they compete in the a cappella section of the Boroondara Eisteddfod on the afternoon/evening of Monday 15 May. The girls will be singing in the Hawthorn Arts Centre (formerly Hawthorn Town Hall). Please contact the Music Office on 9845 7837 or, if you are interested in attending to support the girls and would like further details of their performance times.

Friends of Music Jazz Night, Saturday 27 May, 7.00PM

It’s the highlight of the Tintern Musical Social Calendar! The Friends of Music Jazz Night is fast approaching, so avoid disappointment and book your table now. Click on the following link for further booking details:

by Alison Bezaire, Director of Music



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