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Alexander Technique Workshop for Tintern’s orchestral members

On a warm Wednesday afternoon, the Symphony Orchestra along with other invited students participated in an Alexander Technique Workshop run by Michael Loftus-Hills. In the workshop, Michael showed us how to stay energized and alert during rehearsals for bands and orchestras after school, when most students are usually exhausted from their day at school and inter school sports. He also showed us how to develop a good posture when playing our instruments in order for us to play to the best of our ability. Michael showed us various exercises where we learnt about the joints and muscles in our body, such as leaning our heads forward and back, and became more conscious of our balance. Finding the perfect balance where your body is comfortable but also alert for playing is very important in music and will be very handy for our long 90-minute rehearsals after school. Michael also advised us that if we love the music we are playing, the tone and sound quality of our music will be greatly improved, as we could hear the difference after he brought this to our attention. Overall, the workshop was very beneficial for all the students who attended as they can now apply what they learned to their music in order to get the best out of their playing. Thank you to Mr Veldman for organising this workshop for us all.

by Maya Watt, Year 12 Trombone Player

Kelson and Penelope Thwaites Music Award Applications Now Open

Music students in Year 5 to 12 may apply for the following Music awards:

Ilma Kelson Music Scholar Awards
~ Outstanding Senior Performer (Years 7-12)
~ Two Encouragement Awards for students learning ‘desirable’ instruments (see application form for details) for the orchestral program at Tintern Grammar (Years 5-12)

Penelope Thwaites Music Awards
~ Best Performance of an Australian Composition Award (Years 5-12)
~ Original Composition Award (Years 7-12)

Click on this link for an application form: Application forms also are available from Mrs Wagner and Mrs Casey in the Junior School and from Mrs Feenane in the Senior Music Office. Auditions for the awards will be held on Wednesday 3 May. Applications close on Friday 31 March.

Boroondara Eisteddfod entries now open

The Boroondara Eisteddfod runs from 18 April to 25 June. The schedule of events has now been published and can be viewed at Many of our music students might be interested in and would benefit from the opportunity to perform at an event outside the school community. Talk to your music teacher if you are interested in performing in one of the competition sections and they can help you enter. Entries close Friday 31 March.

Please note that there are many sections which could be of interest and applicable to our instrumental students:

Piano – Solos 8 yrs and under, 10 yrs, 12 yrs, 14 yrs, 16 yrs through to 18 yrs and under, an Open section and a Concerto section.

Vocal – Solos including 18 yrs and under, songs from Musical Theatre, Viennese Operetta section, Art Song (including Lieder) and an Oratorio/Cantata section. There is also a Contemporary Vocal section for 14 yrs and under and 18 yrs and under.

String – Solos 12 yrs and under, 16 yrs and under and an Open section.

Woodwind – Solos 12 yrs and under, 16 yrs and under and an Open section.

Brass – Solos 14 yrs and under, 16 yrs and under and an Open section.

Please let Mrs Bezaire know if you enter in this Eisteddfod and how you fare on the day.

New parent members welcome to join the Friends of Music Committee

Parents of Tintern Musicians who would like to contribute to the school’s music program through fundraising and service at concerts and music camps are welcome to join the Friends of Music Parent Committee. The next meeting of the committee is on Wednesday 15 March, 7.00pm in the CM Wood Common Room. Please contact Di Lacey at, if you would like further information about this group of enthusiastic and energetic parents.

Music Theory Club

Tintern’s Head of Keyboard, Ms Heather McKenzie and the Senior Music Leaders are available in the Music Lab (Room S111) at lunchtimes on Mondays to assist with Grades 1 and 2 theory tuition. Students should bring their lunch and theory book (if they have one – if not, we have them available for purchase). Parents – this tuition will affect the student’s learning in their instrumental lesson in a positive manner. Please note: in order to receive a Grade 6 certificate for an instrumental/vocal exam, a student must have passed Grade 2 Theory with credit.

Introduction to Barbershop Harmony

Those who attended the wonderful Choral Concert in September last year may remember the members of East City Sound entertaining the audience with their wonderful a cappella singing and joining our Chamber Choir girls for a few numbers. The students certainly enjoyed singing in this style and now there is a chance for you, mums, grandmas, aunts and sisters to try this out too!

“Looking for something to do for yourself

That just so happens to be good for your health?

Come join us this March for some learning and fun

Great four-part harmony – best, bar none!!”

 East City Sound is running a 4-week Workshop – check out this flyer for further details.

by Alison Bezaire, Director of Music



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