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String Quartets brave the elements to perform for Old Girls and Old Boys

The Clementson and Kelson String Quartets made a delightful contribution to the Reunion event (YG 1994-2006) in the Community Hub last week. Their music added to the ambience of the occasion on what was a very warm Thursday night. They conducted themselves with skill and aplomb and there were many compliments from our guests about their performances.

Music Staff on tour in China

During late December and early January two of our itinerant music staff were part of an orchestral tour to China. Vicki Stanko and Lisa Clarke are members of the Melbourne Opera Orchestra and travelled to China where they performed over 10 days for very appreciative audiences in both small regional centres and in larger cities. The 65 members of the orchestra travelled to Zhoushan, Yancheng, X’ian and Wainan, playing to full houses much of the time and in lovely venues, during what was a highly successful tour. Their repertoire included famous arias by Mozart, Rossini and Puccini, Strauss waltzes and Opera Overtures. A highlight of the tour was performing to a full house at the X’ian Concert Hall, which some of the world’s most famous orchestras visit on a regular basis, and receiving a standing ovation and two encores. What more could you want on New Year’s Eve? The tour included a lot of eating, a little sightseeing and shopping, a trip to the Terracotta Warriors and a walk around the ancient walled city of X’ian. The orchestra has been invited to return to China for what will be their third year of touring performances.

by Mrs Lisa Clarke, Woodwind Teacher and Bands Leader

Mrs Bezaire would love to hear about any musical adventures which Tintern students had during their holidays too!

Introduction to Barbershop Harmony

Those who attended the wonderful Choral Concert in September last year may remember the members of East City Sound entertaining the audience with their wonderful a cappella singing and joining our Chamber Choir girls for a few numbers. The students certainly enjoyed singing in this style and now there is a chance for you, mums, grandmas, aunts and sisters to try this out too!

“Looking for something to do for yourself
That just so happens to be good for your health?
Come join us this March for some learning and fun
Great four-part harmony – best, bar none!!”

East City Sound is running a 4-week Workshop. Check out this flyer for further details.

Music Theory Club

All instrumental and voice students should commence theory tuition within six months of starting their practical lessons. To facilitate this, our Head of Keyboard, Ms Heather McKenzie and the Senior Music Leaders are available in the Music Lab (Room S111) at lunchtimes on Mondays to assist with Grades 1 and 2 theory tuition. Students should bring their lunch and theory book – if they have one – if not, we have them available for purchase. Parents – this is a great way to save on the additional cost which extra theory lessons would invite and will also inform and enhance the student’s learning in their instrumental lesson. Please note: in order to receive a Grade 6 certificate for an instrumental/vocal exam, a student must have passed Grade 2 Theory with credit. This makes starting Theory tuition early highly advisable, to avoid the disappointment of having to rush to catch up with the required level once it becomes a prerequisite.

Middle and Senior School Music Concert & Camp Dates for 2017

Music Students and their parents should note the following Music Concert dates in relevant diaries and calendars. Further details about which students are participating in each event will come out closer to performance dates. Please call the Music Office 9845 7837, if you have any queries about upcoming concerts:

  • 22-25 March – Hairspray Performances, Karralyka Theatre
  • Saturday 22 April – School Fair, 12.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Thursday 27 April – Twilight Concert, 5.00pm, Kelson Room
  • Sunday 7 May – Cathedral Service, 2.30pm, St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Wednesday 17 May – Tintern Grammar Small Ensembles Concert, 7.30pm, CM Wood
  • Saturday 27 May – Friends of Music Jazz Night, 7.00pm – 11.00pm, CM Wood
  • Wednesday 31 May – Singing Soiree, 7.00pm, Area C, CM Wood
  • Thursday 8 June – Speech & Drama Performance, 5.00pm, Lecture Theatre
  • 21-23 July – Music Camp, CM Wood (Times will be published late term 2)
  • Thursday 27 July – Junior Piano Concert, 5.00pm, CM Wood
  • Thursday 27 July – Senior Piano Concert, 7.00pm, CM Wood
  • Friday 4 August – Tintern Grammar Annual Music Concert, 7.30pm, CM Wood
  • Thursday 31 August – Brass & Woodwind Concert, 7.30pm, Area C, CM Wood
  • Tuesday 12 September – Percussion Concert, 7.30pm, CM Wood
  • Thursday 14 September – IB Music Recital, 7.30pm, CM Wood
  • Tuesday 19 September – Senior String Concert, 7.30pm, Area C, CM Wood
  • Wednesday 11 October – VCE & IB Performing Arts Showcase Evening, 7.00pm, CM Wood
  • Wednesday 18 October – Tintern Celebration Evening, 7.30pm, Robert Blackwood Hall
  • Wednesday 25 October – Twilight Concert, 5.00pm, Kelson Room
  • Sunday 26 November – Friends of Music Munch with the Musos, 10.00am, CM Wood

Music Ensemble Rehearsals

All Tintern Grammar instrumentalists, whether they learn music at school or privately, should join a school ensemble as part of their musical development. It is a great way to get to know like-minded students across a range of year levels. Aspiring singers should join our choirs to strengthen their voices and hone their ensemble skills. A list of rehearsal days and times of our musical groups appears below. Further smaller ensembles are still finalising rehearsal times around other extra-curricular commitments.


Jazz Band Mrs Clarke 7.30am Kelson Room Year 8-12
Clarinet Ensemble Mrs Clarke 1.00pm, S109 Year 7-11
Theory Club Music Captains 1.00pm, S111 Year 7-12
Bottom Line – Band Mr Di Cecco 1.00pm, Kelson Room Year 9
Girls Guitar Ensemble Mr Bathgate 1.00pm, S112 Year 8-11



Concert Choir Mrs Bezaire 7.30am, Theatre Year 9-12
Kelson Quartet Mr Veldman 1.00pm, S109 Year 11-12



Concert Band Mrs Clarke 7.30am Kelson Room Year 7-10
Senior Girls Chamber Choir Mrs Bezaire 7.30am, Theatre Year 10-12 (Auditioned)
Scrolls String Orchestra Mrs Mackie 7.30am, Area C Year 7 – 11
Intermediate Jazz Band Mrs Clarke 1.00pm, Kelson Room Year 7-9
Flute Ensemble Mrs Hillier 1.00pm, S104 Year 7-12
Symphony Orchestra Mr Veldman 3.45pm, Kelson Room Year 7-12



Percussion Ensemble Ms Scarfe 7.50am, Kelson Room Year 7-12
Senior Boys Chamber Choir Mr Kidd 7.30am, S112 Year 10-12
Girls Intermediate Choir Ms Bortolussi 7.30am, Area C Year 7-9
Clementson Quartet Mr Veldman 1.00pm, S109 Year 10-11



Wind Symphony Mrs Clarke 7.30am, Kelson Room Year 8-12
Boys Intermediate Choir Mr Kidd 7.45am, S112 Year 7-9
Chamber Orchestra  Mr Veldman 7.30am, Area B Stage Year 7-12
Sax. Ensemble Mrs Clarke 1.00pm, S110 Year 8-12
Int. String Quartet Mr White 1.00pm, S111 Year 8-10
Brass Ensemble Ms Pisani 1.00pm, Kelson Room Year 7-12


= Lunchtime Rehearsals


Please feel free to visit the Music Department to check out the “Ensembles Noticeboard” or speak with Mrs Feenane in the Music Office about your options. All newcomers welcome! 

by Alison Bezaire, Director of Music



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