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On 25 May, 18 students from Years 7 to 12 performed in the Preliminary Concerto Concert. This was the most performers that we have had in this particular concert, which is a credit to the calibre of music students currently studying at Tintern. It was a lengthy concert and all the performances were very enjoyable. The concerti covered a wide range of styles by composers including Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Seitz and Saint-Saens. We also had two movements from a double piano concerto and a movement from a double violin concerto.

We were fortunate to have Trevor Henley, an experienced performer and director, to adjudicate our performances. The performances were judged not only on the accuracy of the interpretation, but also on audience engagement, which was most crucial. Four students were selected to perform with the school orchestras on 18 August at the Concerto Showcase: Holly Fryer (Year 10), Clarisse Liew (Year 8), Alan Wu (Year 12) and Alison Yang (Year 11). This promises to be a most engaging concert also.

On behalf of all of the performers, I would like to thank Mrs Clementson and Ms Lok for the many hours of work they put into rehearsals and accompanying the performances on the night.

by Alan Wu, School Pianist 2016

Congratulations to Alex2 on their graduations!

String teacher, Alexander White, who was appointed to our Music teaching staff in January recently attended a graduation ceremony at Monash Ceremony, where he received his Master of Arts (Music Performance). We congratulate Alex on this achievement and note, with interest, that he graduated alongside ex-Tintern student, Alexandra Giller (YG 2007). Alexandra studied IB Music at Tintern and went on to an undergraduate degree in Music Performance in Canberra, before embarking on her Master of Arts (Music Performance) at Monash on double bass.

Alex White and Alexandra Giller 







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