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No Music Camp this weekend

Sadly, due to the extension of the lockdown, the scheduled Music Camp will not take place this weekend. We encourage all students to keep practising their ensemble works and we hope to present many of these works at our Annual Concert on 6 August (many fingers crossed in the Music department at the moment!)


Outstanding results from our Year 12 string players

We are particularly proud to be celebrating the successful awarding of some prestigious music honors to Joshua Choong LMusA with Distinction (viola) and Sarah Chen AMusA (violin) and a bronze award for the IB Piano Trio at the National ‘Strike-a-Chord’ chamber music competition.

Many families will be familiar with AMEB music examinations, which cover a range of skill levels from beginner level through to academic degree-level diplomas. These diplomas include the Associate in Music (AMusA) and Licentiate in Music (LMusA), which are awarded via an examination with a panel of experts to outstanding candidates in the fields of music performance.

Associate level is significantly more involved than a grade-level exam, requiring a high degree of accomplishment, a professional attitude to preparation, communication, musicality, presentation and stagecraft. The diploma itself is a professional qualification, recognised around the world and allows the successful candidate to put extra letters after their name, dress up in academic dress and hang an impressive certificate on the wall!

A very big congratulations to Sarah on achieving this level. Many will know Sarah as an accomplished pianist. She also achieved her AMusA on that instrument at age 10! Sarah had her fair share of challenges in preparing for her examination, with many interruptions to the normal course of learning due to the pandemic:

“Working during COVID and lockdowns was a unique experience and a break from the normal routine of practice and music lessons. Since classes were online but Teams’ sound quality was not adequate for advanced level music classes, practice and classes were generally based around making and reviewing recordings of your own playing. Being forced to listen to and reflect on my playing so much was a refreshing experience and did wonders for improving the quality of my playing. After all, you are always your own harshest critic! I am grateful and blessed to have had experienced music educators mentor me through such a landmark moment in my musical journey on violin, despite the struggles and inconveniences of lockdown. My studies in violin have not only made me more appreciative of the beauty and wonder of music but also improved my ability to continue sharing and creating wonderful music with the community around me.” Sarah Chen

The Licentiate diploma has a national success rate of around 10% of candidates. Candidates must present a recital of 45 minutes comprising works from a list of some of the most demanding works written for the instrument. Fewer than 2% of candidates for Licentiate are awarded the diploma with distinction. It is a very rare honour for Josh Choong to have received this accolade. He can now be referred to as Joshua Choong AmusA, LMusA (distinction). That is more post-nominal titles than many achieve in a lifetime!

Josh’s 45-minute LMusA program was presented entirely from memory. A handful of our staff and students were able to witness parts of the program during the last week of Term 2 at our IB Music Recital.

The IB Music recital also featured a performance by the IB Trio. The trio is comprised of Year 12 students Lydia Tan (who was awarded her AMusA with Distinction (violin) last year), Sarah Chen (on piano this time) and Joshua Choong. They presented a work by German Classical composer Ignaz Lachner, which was recorded as their entry for the national ‘Strike-a-Chord’ competition. This is a prestigious chamber music competition for school-aged students. The judges were very complimentary of the beauty and attention to detail of their performance and awarded the group a bronze award.

Heartfelt congratulations go out to this very fine group of young musicians. As a teacher, it is wonderful to see the many years of hard work be recognised in this way during the final year of schooling. These students most certainly deserve these acknowedgements!

Tim Veldman

Head of Strings


IB Music Recital

The IB Music Recital showcases a diverse range of solo and ensemble performances, as well as portfolio pieces consisting of compositions, arrangements, or improvisatory works, prepared by students in the IB music class. 17 June was the calendarized date for Tintern’s 2021 IB Music Recital.

However, with Melbourne’s fourth lockdown, followed by a raging storm that forced school closure for a couple of days, what we hoped to be the recital to end all recitals was necessarily replaced with a shortened concert performed to a small audience of staff and friends. Not letting adversity bring us down, we pressed on with a revised concert program of our 20-minute solo recitals. Our compositions will be performed in various concerts throughout Term 3.

On the day of the recital, Josh performed his solo program on viola, myself on solo violin with an appearance from pianist, Sarah Chen, performing with us a classical violin, viola, and piano trio. Despite the event not turning out quite as we had imagined, Josh and I agreed that it still was an unforgettable experience, bringing an intimate audience through a musical journey from Baroque to the 20th century, and to the realms of Klezmer music and American bluegrass. For this, we have to thank our IB teacher, Ms Bortolussi, for her unwavering dedication, care, and long hours rescheduling rehearsals, revising programs, and scouring through the handbook of COVID-19 regulations, ensuring every chance for the IB Recital to go ahead.

Lydia Tan

Instrumental Music Leader 2021



Friends of Music Jazz Night

Tintern’s Jazz Night always is a much-anticipated event on the Tintern musical and social calendar. Our Friends of Music Committee dress up the CM Wood Centre and the students certainly dig out their finery for a great night of music-making and dancing! We are welcoming Ross Irwin’s Dance Band, ‘Creole Cookout’, who promise to have us up on the dance floor dancing the night away. Book your tickets here. 



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